Free your staff for more constructive work.

Let us help you with your detailed fluid flow calculations.  We will closely assist you just as if you really are our business partner. Our integrity when handling your Company data is beyond reproach as indicated by our years of service to the industry discipline.


Industrial Valves for Fluid Control.

Specialising for 46 years in fluid flow calculations for Industrial Valves, including Control Valves, Safety Valves, Ball, Gate and Globe Valves, Surge and Relief Valves. Pumps, Pipes and Fittings.  All materials incluing Plastics.   Our regular customers are Shell, Mobil, BP, Monsanto and all Major Gas and Chemical Companies.


Wire Mesh  Mist  Eliminator Pads.

Here is a question you must ask the manufacturer of your Mist Eliminator Pad.

"Did you calculate the Souders-Brown coefficient 'k' with my company's own specific flow conditions in the equations?"

The answer will always be NO!  With very few exceptions.

The manufacturer will say that they have calculated your Pad size with an average 'k' value based upon their own particular research, practical tests and their experience of previous appplications. 

The difference between a 'k' calculated for your specific conditions and a 'k' selected from a table of average values can be substantial.  This very different figure could have a profound effect on the performance and on the safety factor of your Pad. 

Ask us to calculate the type, size, density and pressure drop through your Pad based on a 'k' dedicated to your specific flow conditions.  You could cut installation costs now and maintenance costs in the future.

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